Monday, September 5, 2011

The Cut-able Font Library

Organization - always part of the fun of any well stocked craft room.  So - yes.  I have a lot of stuff to play with.  One of the things I spend a lot of time searching for is the right font to use on any given project.  Sometimes its obvious what to use, say, for Halloween.  Any scary, drippy, Transylvania type font will convey the necessary sentiments without a lot of fuss.  But other times it's not so obvious.  To make the decision easier, I've cut the upper and lower case ABC's for each of the cut-able fonts I own.  Simple black on white or the reverse, so all you see is the font. 

Those long narrow boxes of dies from Sizzix are hard to see into so the photo below shows how I've labled them with their font rather than their name.  I mean, who cares if a font is called 'sunset', right?  All I care about is what it looks like.  The hanging tags have the samples from other sets I own.  I have yet to add the tags for all the circut fonts, but they are coming.

Once I get the cutables all tagged, it will be on to the stampables.  Stamp sets are easier to see and thumb through than these boxes of dies, so maybe the stampables can wait?  It's all part of the fun.

If you struggle to remember all the different fonts you have, maybe this little font library trick would work for you as well. 

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Anonymous said...

Organization Envy, Anne! Nice job!