Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stamping and Scrapping Sites - Links and Reviews

Hi All - below is a table of my go-to online shopping sites when I need something or just need a fix.  There are a plethora of other sites out there, but these are ones I frequent the most.  I've 'Friended' some of them on FB and to do so means you get project updates as well as sales updates.  I have no really good reason why I have not 'Friended' them all except that I am lazy.  It could be they are not on FB, but that would be hard to imagine.  These are in no particular order. 

I would love to hear if you have a favorite site.  Leave a comment to share the link. 

Enjoy! - AMK

Site NamePricingSelectionEase of UseBest ThingWorst Thing
ScrapyLand.comAlways DiscountedExtensiveThe site is ok - but the search feature could be enhanced. New products are available for pre-order at a discount!  Sign up to get coupons and sales notifications sent to you.  This sight sells items that are normally only available from European Sites.  The site name is spelled wrong on purpose.  Don't be fooled if you type in Scrappyland.com (w/ 2 p's).  
StampyLand.comAlways DiscountedJust Ok but growing every day. The site is ok - but the search feature could be enhanced. Free Shipping all the timeYour ScrapyLand account does not work here.  You have to sign up again. 
OhMyCrafts.comAlways a CouponExtensive - but popular items are out of stock fast.This site needs an update.  Clunky, but usable. Sign up and get emails with discount coupons almost every day. Clunky navigation of the site. 
Micheals.comVariable based on SalesLimitedGoodYour repeat buy stuff is usually available when you need it. They only add new products 2-3 times a year.  
Joann.comVariable based on SalesLimitedGoodSign up and get emails with discount coupons.  The online only deals are usally hard to pass up.They are not as bad as Michaels with adding new products, but they are still slow compared to the other stores. 
Usually full priceLimited but they say they are growingVery Good - the standard by which all others are measured. This is a new owner for an old stand by site.  If they get their inventory back to where the original addicted was, this will be the place to find any stamp you may need. The new owners did not retain your previous account status. 
Scrapbooking.comVariable based on SalesExtensiveVery Good - the standard by which all others are measured.  Selection is HUGE here.  New stuff is coming in every day and available fast.  Sales are usually generous.Not a lot of email coming out of this site to let you know about the sales.  You'll have to visit often to see what's happening. 

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