Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Frustrate your Inate Dyslexia - Teabag Folding

I've made these little trees a couple of times in the past.  There are plenty of u-Tube videos for the how-to's of doing it so I won't go into that.  I've linked in one of them below.  What I will suggest is that what seems a simple folding of sqares is anything but to those of us who can't tell our right hands from our lefts. 

The idea of them encroached on my tired brain a few nights ago, and as I lie awake waiting for sleep, I tried to figure out the folds in my head, which of course led me to get up and into the craft room to cut some test squares.  After 20 minutes of frustration I head downstairs to the computer to review those u-Tube videos I mentioned earlier.  Success.  I have a test version all folded up.  Time for bed. 

A couple more days go by and now it's time to make good use of that lost sleep.  Yes, it still took me another 10 minutes of trial and error, but success comes once again.  Below are two of the 6 that I folded. 

Something to consider:  There are about a million ways to embellish these trees, but how about you let the paper do the talking this time.   And that trunk thing you'll see in the videos is WAY over rated. 

Something else to consider:  Every piece of paper you own is fair game for Christmas cards. 


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