Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wash Me and Put Me Away!

Here's another of my tips on organization.  I've just about come to my wit's end with Halloween cards and the aftermath is all over the craft room.  One of the things I do so that I don't lose track of all the stamps and their packaging is designate this cardboard bin as the "Wash Me" bin.  I've never been one to do things until they reach critical mass, so this suits me well.  When the bin is full I bring it downstairs to the kitchen.  All the acrylic blocks go into the dishwasher.  All the cling stamps get dropped into a warm sudsy bath and then laid out on a cooling rack until dry.  Galvanized rubber gets a wash using my trusty Stampin' Up! scrubbing pad.  When it's all clean, they all go back into their packaging and back into their drawers upstairs.

Similarly, I don't like to put my new stuff away right away.  When I bought it, I had an idea in my head.  If I put it away too soon, then I forget.  Therefore, the "Put Me Away" bin was born.  Also - I have developed a die cut library - an index of all the dies I own.  As they come in, they sit in the bin until they get added to the index.  The index keeps me from buying things twice.  The index is also a huge pain in the ass to keep updated, but it serves a purpose, so I do it.


Andrea said...

Your put me away bin is overflowing! :)

Anne King said...

Working on it! The 'wash me' is now empty and the 'put me away' is close...whoo hoo!