Friday, August 8, 2014

The Craft Cave - Redux

Hi Everyone - If you follow me on FB, you've seen the new craft cave, so for those of you who don't, here's a post to get you up to date. 

The move is complete and the new craft cave is up and running!  My very first post on this blog, oh-so-many years ago was a tour of the original cave, posted to prove to you I wasn't just some craft poser.  Now that the cave has been sorted through, packed up, moved, unpacked, sorted through some more, and reinstalled into its new home, it's time to share the updated pictures once again. 

This new space is about the same square footage as the old, but its long and narrow as opposed to the square I had originally.  As a result I've had to replace some of my overhead boards and add a topper to that dresser below in order to keep things from falling on the floor on either side of the cutting station. Its an inch higher now because of the board, but that's fine by me. 

Below you can see the door, once again festooned with my hand punches.  I never understood why Cropper Hopper discontinued the Punch Pal.  That's the organizer I use for my punches.  I have 5 of them all together and they are just the perfect thing.  If you see them on E-Bay snap them up.  A simple heavy duty wall hook in the wall and they hang right up.  Or in the case of the three on the door, they chain together.  I used some over-the-door hooks lined with felt dots (to protect the finish on the door) to hang all three. 

I have to thank Simply Renee for inventing the Clip it Up.  I got the idea for hanging all my wafer dies in the picture below from her.  They hang above the standing work table.  I buy metal rods from Home Depot for about $3 each, screw cup hooks to the underside of the 2x10 plank and use her clips to hang them.  I used to use her ribbon organizers in the old space, but here there is just no room for them, so I employed the same thing for ribbon which you'll see in the next photos.

The east wall of the room is wall to wall built-in storage and work space.  You can see the shelves and drawers on one end of it here.  Then the sitting workspace is under the window with more shelves and drawers next to that.

Because the room is narrow, I can't get the whole wall in one shot.  The Cricut cartridges are shelved behind the glass doors in the cabinet.  I took the doors off the closet, and inserted a set of folding shelves in place of the hanging rods on one side.  The other side is where the ribbon hangs above all the rolling carts filled with stamps.  Out of the way, yet totally accessible. 

That's the new space.  Its already messy, just the way I like it. I finished up the change of address cards and am already working on the cards to mark the Fall equinox.  Happy Scrapping! - AMK

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