Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A little something for the office....

As things progress with the remodel of the new home, I find its important to seek out little pleasures.  You know, something to take your mind off the fact that your living room carpet has been covered in plastic since March, and feels and sounds just like you are walking on Pampers.  Even the cat is sick of it.  Not to mention you've been bleeding cash out of every orifice for just as long.  Last week that little something came in the form of some snarky little stamps from Rubbernecker.  I only picked up a few of them, because of the whole bleeding cash thing, but they were enough to get me into the cave and put together this little clip board desk ornament. 

First is a look at the products used to create the project.  Click to embiggen and zoom as needed to see the details.  That stack of Color Box ink is their collection of blacks.  I love-love-love that set.  Black is not just black, believe me.  All are excellent alternatives when plain old black just won't do or you need black, but with a little twist toward red (Lava Black) or green (Dragonfly Black) to name a few. 

Above is the finished piece.  I included this year's personal crafting challenge, 'everything with ribbon' in an attempt to reduce the obscene amount I own.  I backed the thing in chip board to give it some heft, but you could easily adapt this to a card front.  That chair stamp from Unity came with a sentiment that said, "I like your company" or close to it if not exact.  I soooo much prefer the sentiment from Rubbernecker.  Much more my style. 

I'm still waiting for a LOT of you to produce some refrigerator art for my new kitchen.  So far, my sister Bridget and gal pal Jill have risen to the challenge.  C'mon the rest of you!  I need a reason to dig through those boxes in the basement looking for more magnets. 

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Paper Therapy Ponderings said...

how many shades of black - sometimes we something to jumpstart our creativity. Now you can start on your Halloween cards

Barb Housner