Thursday, December 15, 2011

The 2011 Cookie Book Reveal

Ta Da!  The annual cookie exchange took place last weekend and was yet another fun time with friends.  To all those of you brave enough to participate, THANK YOU! 

The book this year had a jacket that you slide off to reveal the embossed metal cover.  Then you open to reveal the pocket pages where the recipes are all tucked inside each pocket.  Page numbers and an index tells you who made what recipe.  Some books were red and some green, the letters and numbers and pages were all different for all the books so everyone gets something just a little bit unique.

Colleen took pictures, so shortly there will be photos to add to the book.  Because, what's a cookbook without pictures, right?  Happy Christmas everybody! - AMK


Anonymous said...

This is RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME!!!! Such talent!
Lynn Diebold

Andrea said...

LOVE IT! Would love to see it in person. :) Merry Christmas!