Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cleaning up from disaster...

Ugh!  Sorry everyone.  Nothing new to post.  I've had a bit of a disaster that I am still cleaning up from.  The upstairs toilet overflowed for about 2 1/2 hours a few weeks back.  The kitchen, dining room and basement below that are a wreck.  Based on preliminary estimates, I'll be under construction for most of the summer. 

Kitchen ceiling has to come down, bathroom floor has to come up, dining room floor is a wreck but we think we can refinish rather than replace.  The built in curio cabinets in the dining room have to be sanded and refinished - hopefully minimally as it seems just the varnish bubbled up.  No electricity in the dining room and the central light in the kitchen does not work either.  And of course I have to paint everything.  Not how I wanted to spend my summer. 

I'm still headed for 4th of July cards - I refuse to let this mess up my 4th of July.  Oh!  Hey!  I was on my bike yesterday riding the Interurban to Port Washington.  They built a bike bridge over HWY 45.  I'm thinking this is an EXCELLENT place from which to watch fireworks!  See you there!

Happy Memorial Day! - AMK

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