Thursday, May 3, 2012


Check your local newsstand for the upcoming issue of Just Cards - Inside & Out.   Barb Housner will recognize what's on page 95, I made that one just for her last Halloween.  Page 103 has Alice's Valentine from 2010.  That's Alice, as in Wonderland...

Once again I encourage you all to send your work to magazines that you love.  All of them have some kind of editorial calendar on their websites to give you deadlines for different themes.  Or, you can do what I do.  I save my own copies of each item I make.  Then, when I have the time, I type up the recipes.  When I have a stack of a dozen or so, I just send them all in and give them permission to use them whenever they see fit.  This method keeps the surprises coming for years sometimes.  You never know how long they are going to keep your work on file for future issues.

You're not going to pay the mortgage with the proceeds, but it is a thrill to see your stuff in print. 


Andrea said...

Congrats, Anne! :)

Anonymous said...

congrats - I haven't sent anything in lately to them - have to make th time - i have a pile sitting there to do - I do have one coming out in late summer in paper crafts.

Glad I inspired you.

Barb Housner