Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oooooh! New Paints!

Hey crafters - don't forget about Amazon.com when hunting for craft supplies.  Amazon sells everything and can compare prices for you, to boot.  When you need to round out your shopping cart so that you get the free shipping, check out their arts and crafts department for just about anything you may have on your wish list.  I got this set of acrylic paints for next to nothing from good ol' AZ. 

The Faber Castel brush pens came from Create For Less - another great discount site.  Just be advised, they sell in BULK.  You are not getting just one sheet of paper, you're getting 12 to 25 depending on the item.  Weekly sales at an already discounted price are hard to pass up. 

I know I've not been posting newly crafted creations - it's only because I've begun the annual cookie book, so it will be a while before I can show and tell anything about that.  I'm probably skipping mother's day so if you were holding your breath, let it out.  Next up for me will be July 4th!  That is not to say I won't post anything until those are done, but that's the next big card event in my near future. 

Happy Spring!

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