Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's TOO Nice Outside!

Hello Everyone!  Sorry to have left you hanging out here with only Valentine's to keep you company.  It's been waaaaay to nice outside here in WI.  I can't bring myself to while away the hours in my craft room when it's sunny and 80+ degrees in MARCH!  We are setting records every day!

They say it's supposed to start raining tomorrow, so maybe something will fall out of the craft room this weekend.  I do have to get started on the 2012 cookie books soon....hmmmm

Enjoy! - AMK


Andrea said...

Missed seeing any St. Patty's day cards. I, of course, didn't get any out due to my surgery. But hoping there will be Easter cards! :)

Anne King said...

Oooooh Easter, is early this year too. Yikes. I better get busy. Glad that whole surgery business is done. Come to the show next month. We can catch up!