Monday, February 27, 2012

Valentines Part 2

Much like I did for Christmas, I kept on with the Valentine's to stock up for next year.  Here are a few more that made it from pile to produced.   I love this little kewpie doll.  He usually makes an appearance every year in some way or another.  I've used him for Mother's Day and I've got an idea for Christmas too. 

This is the end result of the stamp positioner and masking class posts I did a few weeks back.  As I mentioned in the class, the signpost is from Unity Stamps.  I used some elastic string to accent the bottom.  I was going for an arrow-ish look. 

The town image in this one is also Unity Stamps, but I confess I paired it with another sentiment I had on the same theme.  I do that a lot.  Mix and match from my collection.  It probably gives the manufacturers fits, but a girl has to do what those vioces in her head tell her is right.

Well - looky there! Another Unity Stamp valentine.  I really loved those birch trees with their hearts sort of woven into the bark.  I layed the ink on thick and then smeared it up a bit because bark isn't smooth, right?  And, that little bird they sort of hid in the image was too cute not to color and bring forward with a hand cut matching paper feather.  That little blue bird makes me happy!

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