Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cards from Friends and Family

Between Christmas and my Birthday just past, I've got a nice display of hand made cards that others have made and sent my way. I bought two of those little wood display stands from 7 Gypsies and keep them filled with stuff that I like.  I thought I'd share....

This first one is one of mine - I keep it on display because I like the stamped sentiment.  I keep this stamp out on my worktable too.  It's a little blurry.  It says "Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are".

 This next one is from Lynn Diebold.  A very pretty Christmas card she sent me. 

 Andrea sent this for my birthday this year.  That rosette is VERY popular these days.  This one is hand made, and very pretty.  I think this is the first birthday card from Andrea that DIDN'T have Fluffles the cat on it.  I don't miss him...:oP

This one came from Jan Nolte, a fellow Cedarburg crafter.  Looks like she was into crafty brown for Christmas too!  
These next two are from my big sister, Bridget.  She likes to do a lot of hand lettering and decorating.  There is a name for the style of lettering she did on the Christmas card, but I don't remember what it is.  Essentially, you draw the letter and than fill it in by repeating a pattern over and over until the letter is no longer 'hollow'.  Each letter has a different pattern to it.


This pretty winter tree came from Cheryl Husmann.  She's got her own blog which you can peruse by clicking her in my blog roll on the right.  She's a scrapbooker with grandbabies so her blog has a lot of layouts you can use for inspiration.


Paper Therapy Ponderings said...

I like that sentiment on your first card also - a very nice grouping - I have a few handmade cards sitting out on the piano from friends

Barb Housner

Anonymous said...

Silly girl-could you put the rhinestone back in the middle of the snowflake please? That's just downright embarassing!!! I love the sentiment on your card! Andrea, what happened to fluffels? You know, secretly, that is Anne's favorite ;-} Very pretty rosette! I love the tree! Is that stickles?

Anne King said...

Hey Lynn - who knew the bling belonged in the center of the snow flake? I sure didn't. And, no, like I said - there is no love lost for Fluffles. I do believe that Cheryl used Stickles glitter glue to put the icing on the tree. If not Stickles, then something similar, I'm sure.

<3 - AMK

jnolte said...

It was fun to see the handmade cards you received. I show yours to all my friends. I like the idea of how you displayed them.