Saturday, December 17, 2011

So the Wise Men don't get here until January, right?

Hand made Christmas cards. Let's face it, Christmas cards are a paper crafter's wet dream.  We love making them.  Look at me, it's after midnight and I'm blogging about making them.  Of course I should be ACTUALLY making them, but I tried and kept making a mess so I must be tired.

I need 47 in total to send.  So, yeah...I may have to invoke the "Wise Men" rule this year. 

As I recall my Catholic upbringing, the nuns made a big deal about the Wise Men finally showing up sometime in January.  I think it's the 6th?  The Feast of the Nativity, or Epiphany or some such thing as that?  Somebody help a bad Catholic out here on the date, please? 

At any rate, the "Wise Men" rule CLEARLY states that if you get your Christmas cards in the mail before they show up to the Nativity Party, you are not late.  Keep that in mind, y'all....

So far it's been a Crafty Brown Christmas here in the Burg. I cannot tell you exactly why I am digging this stuff, but I am.  I used to just have the plain stuff and that in itself was fun, but now they started printing on it.  How cool is that? 

The one with Prancer on it and his chorus line is a bit of a repeat of one I did for the store a couple years ago.  I never made it for Christmas delivery, just the store sample.  Same goes for the little white fox.  You can't outfox Santa!  Hah! 

The final one is also a remake of one I did even longer ago.  I like the idea of the calendar with the pin in it.  The pin is new to the design this go around (does it look like a push pin?), and I switched out the Santa image for one with more fur on his costume so I could use my liquid applique to puff it up.  That stuff is cool.  You need to get some.  

Oh - and how about those eyelets?  Come on, admit it.  You have THOUSANDS of those things and you quit using them because they fell out of vogue in the paper crafting world.  Well everything old is new again, apparently.  Get on board...

All cards are A2.  Any questions about any of the products used - shout them out.  Happy Christmas! - AMK

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