Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Cards - 2014

So here they are, some new this year and some made last year while the mood was still upon me.  There was a call out for blue colored Christmas cards last year so you'll see a lot of blue.  Of course I did not send them in so missed that publication.  Whatevs...

I was playing with transparency film and came up with this poinsettia card.  Using up some scraps from this year's cookie books makes them all just a bit different.  They are pretty fat in the envelope, so extra postage will be required. 

Then we have some HO cards and a simple Merry Christmas stamped on vellum to let the background show through.  Nothing too fancy here, but using up some more scraps. 

These are the BLUE cards I mentioned earlier.  If you didn't know, orange is the opposite of blue on the color wheel, so I worked in some orange on this first one.  Orange is just about my favorite color and is not typical for Christmas, so this one is probably my favorite this year.

Here's one with a window and a look at how the inside works all by itself.  I used a wafer die for the foliage on the front of the card, tied a little bow, stamped some poinsettias and off we go. 

Happy Christmas to you all!  If you have any questions about how any of these came together or what products I used, leave a comment and I'll reply.  All the best to you this holiday season! - AMK

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