Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas on a Stick - The 2013 Cookie Book

Here are the shots of this year's cookie book, Christmas on a Stick!  The challenge for the bakers this year was to either put their cookie on a stick or make a sticky recipe to share.  This proved challenging indeed, but what we got was a lot of fun.  Thanks to all who participated!  Once Rosemary sends me the pictures, I'll get you a copy of them so you can have them for your books.

The book is not as elaborate as other years, from the looks of it. All my efforts pre-surgery went into the binding this year.   Post surgery, well, I just needed to get them done. 

It's a cloth covered hard bound book with a wire binding.  Each page is an A2 envelope cut from the Big Shot Pro die.  The covers are made of Davey Board, which if you've ever tried to cut that stuff, you'll know is no picnic.  The rounded spine is an up cycled paper towel roll trimmed to fit.  I used a quarter inch, square sided, wood dowel to mark the gutters in the binding, which allows the covers to turn back and the book to open. 

You first must put all the pieces together with book binder's tape, and then cover them with your chosen cloth, applied with a thin layer of PVA glue.  Fat quarters from the quilting isle of your local sewing store offers a myriad of fabric choices.  One fat quarter covered two of the books, so while not every book is completely unique on the outside, there are only 2 like it in the world!  The end papers cover up the raw edges of the fabric on the inside, and are reinforced with more book binder's tape to keep them strong.  The first and last page of the books are also reinforced in the same manner. 

I'm late getting these in the mail for those of you who get them as a gift.  But, never fear, they are on the way!

Squeeze the book and S-L-I-D-E off that organdy ribbon so you can put it back later....

The book stands on it's end very well for display.

This is the book open to the first page.  I marked the year on the front end paper with one of my Cricut fonts..can't remember which.  You can see the reinforced pages here if you click to embiggen.

Each recipe is a Christmas card from the participant inserted into the A2 envelope. 

Here is Pye getting into the act...note the furry black thing in the upper left....I alternated patterned paper with plain paper throughout the book and cut a name plate for each recipe.  If the paper was too plain, I got out some stamps and put some swirl into it.  The labels are hand lettered, inked, cut and stamped to add a little interest to the pages. 

Next year we are doing BLACK TIE CHRISTMAS.  I'll tell you now, the book idea I have is very elegant, so the recipes should match! The challenge is to deliver an ELEGANT recipe for the exchange next year.  You've got all year to practice, ladies!  I wonder what we'll get? 

Love you all! - Merry Christmas! - AMK

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