Saturday, November 5, 2011


About a 6 weeks ago I put these together to submit to Card Maker magazine for the May/June issue next year.  I did not make the cut.  One of the requirements says you can't have submitted the work anywhere else, nor can you post it on your blog.  Since they rejected these, they are now fair game. 

The worst part about submitting is doing seasonal stuff out of season.  I find it really hard to get motivated for July 4th when it's September.  And, this particular magazine wants you using current papers and products.  Well, again, finding 4th of July stuff in the stores in September is not all that easy either.  Fortunately, We R Memory Keepers did this really cool 4th paper this past summer and I had some of that still in the arsenal.  The stamp set on that one is also WRMK.  The other one, I must confess was a valentine that I converted to the sweet 16 card.  They wanted special birthdays so that's what they got. 

Any questions on any of these, shout them out.  I would encourage you all to submit your work to magazines.  There are a host of them out there and it's a thrill to see your stuff in print.  Very few of them pay you in actual cash.  Many will extend your subscription for free or give you a free copy of the issue you are published in.  Card Maker is one of the few, if not the only one that WILL pay you in cash if you make the cut.  Don't be discouraged and don't edit yourself too much.  You'll be surprised at what some magazines will publish.  The stuff you thought was only marginal sometimes will surprise you. 

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