Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

There have been 6 piles of would be thanksgiving day cards on the floor for a while now.  Better late than never, right?  I caught a break this year and didn't have to do ANYTHING for the holiday. Not that I don't like doing the family thing with the big meal and all that, it's just nice to have this one all to myself.  Left to my own devices, I inevitably wind up covered with ink, glue and snippets of paper. 

I started playing with one of those Tim Holtz edge dies.  He comes out with a couple new ones every year.  This one makes the bracketed edge you see in all the samples below.  I started out kind of timid, not really getting into it, but each one seems to get a little bit more interesting as I added more and more edges. 

The other element on the cards is fringe.  Fringe.  Huh.  Kind-a cool, and Thanksgiving-y, right?  Traditionally, fringe is meant to help with water management, channeling it away from the body, hence you see all the biker/cowboy rain gear with fringe all over it.  The cowboys learned the trick from the American Indians who, as you know, played the starring role in the original Thanksgiving.  So, I say again, Thanksgiving-y, right? 

The fringe was cut using Cuttlebug's quilling dies.  You're supposed to cut this stuff and then roll it up on the tip of a quilling needle to make a flower.  To be sure, it makes a cool flower, but what's the fun in using the tools the way you're supposed to? 

Ok - how many of you bought that little 2x2 turkey die from Quikkutz when it came out 6 or 7 years ago?  C'mon, how many of you?  Hah! I knew it, no one but me owns this thing and now, don't you all wish you did! 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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Andrea said...

Happy Thanksgiving Anne!