Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween 2012 - Part 2

They are Trick-Or-Treating the Saturday before the holiday this year so I needed to snap-to on getting the treats packed up for the kids.   True to a paper crafter's nature, I throw nothing away.  I have this bin full of Halloween themed scraps and trinkets from over the years.  Yes, there's one for Christmas and Valentine's too...  from this I can whip up tags for the treat boxes. 

This pile of stuff transforms to backgrounds first.  I save the negative images from my die cuts too.  They always add interest to otherwise plain backgrounds.
Then come the stickers, trinkets, ribbons and what-have-you.  Before you know it, there are a pile of finished tags and a smaller pile of trinkets and trash.  The mom's like these too.  They add them to their own scrap book pages.  They make good bookmarks, although, since each has a pin on it suitable for pinning to your backpack, you'd have to take that off before using it as a bookmark. 

Happy Halloween!  - AMK

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Andrea said...

Sweet! And, thank you for the card too - got it today! :) ♥