Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween 2012 - Part 1

It's a rainy day here and I'm lovin' it.  It's a rare Sunday I get all to myself.  And, left to my own devices, into the craft cave I go!

Fresh from the latest stamp show in Milwaukee, this wonderful lady packed up her Etsy store and brought it to the show.  No matter what I do, for some reason I can't get this picture to rotate correctly but here's a shot of some of her Halloween collection and a link to her store.  The cat's ass is too funny, and may wind up on the back of a whole lot of cards in the next little while.  Her prices are reasonable and if you order from her Etsy store, she sends you a little freebie.  At least she did for me.

Next up is what I'd call a CAS (clean and simple) Halloween card.  I know, hard to believe from me, right?  I used a die cut from Die-Versions that fills a 5x7 card nicely.  Hang it on a full moon cut from velum and add your favorite witches hat stamped in orange and clear embossed for some shine.  The bling possibly takes it out of the CAS category, but come on...what could you possibly have against some bling?

The entry is all set up for Halloween, got that done before the rain this weekend.  Fingers crossed the lighting does not short out before Trick-or-Treat.  There's Pye right on queue.  She'll sit there all through tick or treat waiting for kids to come to the door.  And, of course my photo shop skills to remove it.  The spider's name is Steve.  Kids have asked, and I was not prepared so named him on the spot.  Now when they come they pat him on the head and say "Hi Steve!"

Happy Sunday, everyone. - AMK

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Paper Therapy Ponderings said...

cute - I make very few halloween cards - I know some people really love it - love your door - I want to come visit - I will take a glas of wine instead of candy please

Barb Housner