Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Paper Tagger - an oldie but a goodie!

I've had a lovely week of vacation from work, which included a couple of days were it was just too damn hot in the afternoon.  On those days I made friends with the central air and set about creating July 4th cards. 

If you haven't noticed lately, one of the bigger trends in paper crafting are the use of pennants.  Strings of triangle or rectangle shaped flags to shout out your message or just to decorate the card front.   I've always liked the idea, and have several options for pennants between my stamps and die cuts.  But the thing I've not seen anyone do, which I'm surprised about, is to use the Paper Tagger to mount the pennants on your card. 

Below is the paper tagger - from Around the Block.  You can still find this tool in a starter kit, just Google it.  If you've ever bought clothes at a store (and who hasn't, right?) the price tags from the store are attached to the clothing with these little plastic tagger tails.  This tool is exactly the tool that attaches those paper tags to the clothes, only, Around the Block has made shorter tagger tails for use with paper crafting. 

Here is a card using pennants from Unity Stamp Co. I stamped them, then embossed and cut them out.  I used a 1/8th inch hole punch on each of the top corners to help the needle from the Paper Tagger easily go through all the layers, then just mounted them corner to corner across the card with the tagger. 

Here's one where I just floated some stars on the front with the tagger tails...The inside image is from Too Much Fun Rubber Stamps.  The background paper is from WRMK  

This shot gives you an idea of the dimension the tagger tails add.  Not to mention it gives those pennants an opportunity to act like flags in the wind. 

Happy 4th, everyone!  It's my second favorite holiday in the year.  No pressure at all, and it could not be easier to entertain the masses.  Just show up at my house around 9pm on the 4th and look up.  They shoot the fireworks off right across the street from me.  All are welcome! 


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