Friday, January 30, 2015

A Tim Holtz Redux - Winter Wishes, Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

I've been a fan of Tim Holtz ever since meeting him at CHA back when they used to hold the event in Chicago.  Don't get too excited, I'm sure he has no recollection of our meet and greet.  Alas, Chicago CHA days are gone.  They only do it in California which is too far away. 

This past December, on Tim's blog, is his 'Winter Snowflake Card'.  You can see his version here:

I was enamored with all the tools he used to make this thing.  Of course, he offers links to not 1 but 2 shopping sites where you can buy all the stuff he used.  I, of course, scoured the Internet and found them all at steeper discounts elsewhere.  You know the rule; Never pay full price!  Here is my version of Tim's card and a narrative of how I changed it up. 

  • The only Frosted product I could find was a sticker backed roll of the stuff.  There are flat sheets available, but the roll was a better deal.  When I cut it and embossed it with the snowflake tools, I wound up with the backing as well as the frosted front looking kind of cool.  I used them both on the card.  I smeared the back of the frosted piece with chalk dust to remove the stick. 
  • I changed up the angle on the words, because straight was a little too, well, straight for me. 
  • My center-of-the-snowflake baubles were just what I had in my stash.  They are from CK&Co.
  • I swapped out tinsel for a thin silvery ribbon.  I kept the tails on the knot long so they could wrap around and make loops to add interest.   
  • I used a shimmery spray on the background rather than the Picket Fence he used.  Mostly because I don't have Picket Fence.  It's coming in the mail still...
So - why did I blog about all this?  It's a lesson to all of you crafters out there who feel you have to have everything EXACTLY like the sample or PERFECTLY clean and straight.  Stop that shit right now!  There is no such thing as exact or perfect.  Art has no rules. Let it GO!

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