Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Greetings!

These went out in the mail on Monday to friends and family.  The first one is made entirely from scraps I had in my pile.  I think there were 12 of them when I got them all done, so, yeah!  I used up a bunch of old stuff that's been hanging around since forever.  The carrots are a stamp I picked up from 'The Picture Show'.  I blogged about that Etsy store last October, if you recall.  Ink the top of the carrot in green, ink the bottom in orange, stamp, repeat.  They are all clear embossed to give them a little depth and shine.  I brought them all to the coffee shop one Sunday and commenced with fussy cutting them into individual carrots.  It sounds like it would take forever, but it really doesn't.  Muscle memory takes over after about the 5th one.

The second was cut using a card pattern I bought via the Cricut Craft Room for a paltry sum - less than $2.  All the little hearts are cut out with just the push of a button!  I will say, all that detail cutting x 12 cards pretty much spent the blade in my cutter.  Blades are easy to come by, so not heartbreaking. You get the liner as part of the image purchase and with the easy-peasy way the Craft Room lets you layer, it was super easy to layer the liner to fit the inside of the card.  Those bedecked little birds are also from 'The Picture Show'.  If you haven't stopped by her store yet, take a look.  Her stuff is truly unique.  Happy Easter, folks!

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